We understand that it can be very difficult to find managed IT services and support company that covers Apple support, Windows support and Linux support.We use Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OSX and Various Linux distributions on our own network....

Scanyoursecurity uses vulnerability scanning tools, both commercial and proprietary, as a part of our application assessment process. Vulnerability scanning is one part of our hybrid approach to application assessment. Combined with code review and security testing....

Your security team log many events -- more and more of them all the time. Unfortunately, they don't make much use of these logs except the oldest days when trying to understand something long after it happened.Firewall logs provide threats and traffic behaviour on the network....

Scanyoursecurity Firewall/Router Audit thoroughly evaluates the rule base for known security risks and policy violations. Firewalls and Routers must be implemented and maintained properly. Our Firewall/Router Audit provides a detailed analysis that reduces risks and increases perimeter security....


Scanyoursecurity is a consultancy responsible for protecting businesses from cyber threats, cyber-attacks, internal threats and business outages. Our technical experts have years of experience in recommending, specifying and implementing IT Security Solutions.

Port scanning is usually done in the initial phase of a penetration test in order to discover all network entry points into the target system. Port scanning is done differently for TCP ports and for UDP ports, which is why we have different tools. Before report, created result would have been completed with False Positive elimination accordingly.

Penetration Testing is to identify the presence of points where a threat (defined by the hacker) can be arranged with existing risks to achieve penetration. Scanyoursecurity helps to prevent penetration by identifying these points and providing effective methods for optimization before they are exploited by malicious hackers.


Up to Date

  • [webapps] Western Digital My Book World II NAS 1.02.12 - Authentication Bypass / Command Execution
  • [webapps] Hospital-Management 1.26 - 'fname' SQL Injection
  • [webapps] CollegeManagementSystem-CMS 1.3 - 'batch' SQL Injection
  • [local] docPrint Pro 8.0 - SEH Buffer Overflow
  • [webapps] Symantec Advanced Secure Gateway (ASG) / ProxySG - Unrestricted File Upload
  • [remote] Inteno IOPSYS Gateway - Improper Access Restrictions
  • [local] AppXSvc - Privilege Escalation
  • [webapps] College-Management-System 1.2 - Authentication Bypass
  • [webapps] Ticket-Booking 1.4 - Authentication Bypass
  • [webapps] LimeSurvey 3.17.13 - Cross-Site Scripting
  • [webapps] phpMyAdmin - Cross-Site Request Forgery
  • [webapps] Dolibarr ERP-CRM 10.0.1 - 'User-Agent' Cross-Site Scripting
  • [dos] Folder Lock 7.7.9 - Denial of Service
  • [dos] Microsoft DirectWrite - Out-of-Bounds Read in sfac_GetSbitBitmap While Processing TTF Fonts
  • [dos] Microsoft DirectWrite - Invalid Read in SplicePixel While Processing OTF Fonts
  • [webapps] eWON Flexy - Authentication Bypass
  • [webapps] AVCON6 systems management platform - OGNL Remote Command Execution
  • [local] Windows 10 - UAC Protection Bypass Via Windows Store (WSReset.exe) and Registry (Metasploit)
  • [local] Windows 10 - UAC Protection Bypass Via Windows Store (WSReset.exe) (Metasploit)
  • [remote] October CMS - Upload Protection Bypass Code Execution (Metasploit)
  • [remote] LibreNMS - Collectd Command Injection (Metasploit)
  • [webapps] WordPress Plugin Photo Gallery 1.5.34 - Cross-Site Scripting (2)
  • [webapps] WordPress Plugin Photo Gallery 1.5.34 - Cross-Site Scripting
  • [webapps] WordPress Plugin Photo Gallery 1.5.34 - SQL Injection
  • [webapps] Dolibarr ERP-CRM 10.0.1 - SQL Injection
  • [webapps] WordPress Plugin Sell Downloads 1.0.86 - Cross-Site Scripting
  • [webapps] Rifatron Intelligent Digital Security System - 'animate.cgi' Stream Disclosure
  • [webapps] Online Appointment - SQL Injection
  • [webapps] Enigma NMS 65.0.0 - SQL Injection
  • [webapps] Enigma NMS 65.0.0 - OS Command Injection
  • [webapps] Enigma NMS 65.0.0 - Cross-Site Request Forgery
  • [webapps] Dolibarr ERP-CRM 10.0.1 - 'elemid' SQL Injection
  • [webapps] WordPress 5.2.3 - Cross-Site Host Modification
  • [remote] FusionPBX 4.4.8 - Remote Code Execution
  • [local] Windows NTFS - Privileged File Access Enumeration
  • [webapps] Inventory Webapp - 'itemquery' SQL injection
  • [remote] Pulse Secure 8.1R15.1/8.2/8.3/9.0 SSL VPN - Remote Code Execution
  • [remote] AwindInc SNMP Service - Command Injection (Metasploit)
  • [webapps] DASAN Zhone ZNID GPON 2426A EU - Multiple Cross-Site Scripting
  • [webapps] WordPress Plugin Download Manager 2.9.93 - Cross-Site Scripting
  • [webapps] FileThingie 2.5.7 - Arbitrary File Upload
  • [remote] Cisco RV110W/RV130(W)/RV215W Routers Management Interface - Remote Command Execution (Metasploit)
  • [remote] Cisco Data Center Network Manager - Unauthenticated Remote Code Execution (Metasploit)
  • [remote] Cisco UCS Director - default scpuser password (Metasploit)
  • [local] ptrace - Sudo Token Privilege Escalation (Metasploit)
  • [local] ktsuss 1.4 - suid Privilege Escalation (Metasploit)
  • [webapps] Craft CMS 2.7.9/3.2.5 - Information Disclosure
  • [local] Kaseya VSA agent 9.5 - Privilege Escalation
  • [webapps] Alkacon OpenCMS 10.5.x - Local File inclusion
  • [webapps] Alkacon OpenCMS 10.5.x - Cross-Site Scripting (2)